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The Kyle Thiermann Show

Jul 18, 2019

Ben Horton has based his career on being able to go places that other people either cannot, or don’t want to go. From thousands of feet underwater to the most remote regions in the arctic, Ben’s passion is to use photography as a means to inspire people to take stewardship of the planet. Ben started his career with National Geographic by telling the story of the sharks of Cocos Island. He traced the illegal fishing industry from Costa Rica to China, and as a result of his work helped to increase the park boundaries and protection of two of Costa Rica’s national parks. He was awarded the National Geographic Society’s first ever Young Explorer Grant for his work, and he has since moved on to receive a number of other National Geographic grants, assignments, and recently stared in a documentary for National Geographic featuring his work in Thailand. Ben is based in southern California, where he works primarily on adventure campaigns.

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