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The Kyle Thiermann Show

Nov 13, 2016

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Dr. Susy Honig (@saltywind) is an aquatic ecosystem ecologist and postdoctoral science education fellow at UC Santa Cruz. Her research focuses on the natural and non-natural links between land and sea, and she has researched the effect of nutrient inputs in local Santa Cruz streams, local rocky intertidal communities, and coral reefs in the remote Pacific. She is an Aptos native and first developed a love for ocean science as a child playing in the waves as a junior lifeguard. She then pursued marine science at the University of California Santa Barbara, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Aquatic Biology and helped monitor the health of kelp forests in the Santa Barbara Channel as a research scuba diver. Susy returned to Santa Cruz to complete her doctorate in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology in Professor Don Croll and Bernie Tershy's lab at UC Santa Cruz, where she studied the influence of seabird guano on coral reef ecosystems. Her current project as a teaching postdoc focuses on transforming undergraduate biology courses from traditional lecture courses into courses that utilize active learning. She believes that to learn the language of biology, you have to practice it, and she enjoys finding any way she can to help students get excited about science and conservation of the oceans.

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