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The Kyle Thiermann Show

Nov 28, 2016

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Cory Jones (@who_coryjones) is a 24 year old Environmental activist, a soon to be graduate of Cal Poly SLO, a lifelong skateboarder, and the Co-Founder of One With Nature. OWN works as an environmental marketing group that focuses on education, outreach, and reform. Cory serves as their lead for business development and as their primary spokesperson for environmental legislation. 

In the past year OWN has been a player in the banning of Styrofoam in two Central Coast communities. He is also the leader of efforts to have SLO County food vendors only serve straws upon request which will set a national precedent and has already received an endorsement from his County’s Integrated Waste Management Authority. It looks like he will finalize the matter on January 3, 2017.