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The Kyle Thiermann Show

Oct 7, 2017

Don Mirra was born in Nuremberg, Germany to American parents with heritage ties to Scotland and Sicily. He holds a Bachelors of Science in International Business and extensive study in comparative theology.

Beginning his career as a photojournalist focusing on overlooked social issues, often immersing himself in the country and culture of his subjects to find the deeper story. Having traveled to over 62 nations, his appreciation of diverse cultures began the process of focusing more attention on the power of women as subject matter.

His playful approach and flowing candor enables him to create images that bring out a deeper emotion when looking at his work.

A large part of his creative passion is fueled by his philanthropic work. In addition to his personal projects, Don has photographed for organizations such as Agros International, VOSH International, Project Medishare and The United Nations High Commission for Refugees.