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The Kyle Thiermann Show

Dec 17, 2017

There are many reasons why improv theater has taken root in Santa Cruz and become a bona fide artistic tradition. Two of those reasons are named Clifford Henderson and Dixie Cox. Proud recipients of 2014 Gail Rich Awards.

Clifford Henderson and Dixie Cox, founders of the FUN INSTITUTE, have a combined total of over 48 years experience teaching improv, acting, and team-building skills. They have taught workshops for high-tech businesses, university educators, retreat centers, psychotherapists, incarcerated women, a Zen community, stroke survivors, and the public at-large. Their home base is the Broadway Playhouse, in Santa Cruz, California. They are also the creators of the popular two-woman show, Detour Ahead: the Clifford & Dixie Show. Both were founders and coordinators of the popular Santa Cruz event, The Improvathon. They’ve played with troupes Sapphos Lapphos and Loose Cannon Theater starting back in 1993. Both are familiar faces on and off the stages of Santa Cruz.