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The Kyle Thiermann Show

Mar 19, 2018

I first got involved with Surfers Against Sewage way back in 1991, the year after it was formed. I was passionate about the nature, the environment and surfing so the organisation resonated loudly with me in its mission to stop sewage disposal in our seas.

Over the years I’ve been an activist, regional rep and trustee with SAS. I had the great honour of taking the helm in 2008 to help shape a new strategy on emerging issue, build a sustainable action plan and community, and most importantly of all carry on delivering a high impact to protect oceans and beaches for everyone.

Whilst water quality remains in the DNA of the organisation, after 25 years of successful campaigning we’ve made great progress so our attentions are squarely focused on the most immediate and pressing threats, namely plastic pollution and climate change.

I see SAS as a charity connecting people and planet. We connect people and communities, and create opportunities for our supporters to protect the spaces we all love. The organisation has always been defined by the relationship we have we the sea. Our community is an active part of the ocean. It is this community that helps us create the change we want to see for our coastlines.