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The Kyle Thiermann Show

May 30, 2017

Nik Strong-Cvetich is the Executive Director of Save The Waves. The non-profit protects coastal ecosystems around the world in partnership with local communities, utilizing a unique combination of protected areas, economics, and direct action.  

May 23, 2017

David Scales host Surf Splendor a podcast about all things surfing. 

May 16, 2017

Kai Lenny (@kai_lenny) is 7x SUP world champion. He is also a professional big wave surfer, tow-in surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer and celebrity watersports enthusiast. Lenny lives in Maui.  

May 13, 2017

i tunes stitcher

At one point, Gerry Powell owned the largest plastic surgery company in the world. He has since founded Rythmia, the first medically-licensed ayahuasca treatment center in the world. 

May 10, 2017

i tunes stitcher

Nicole Rager is a breath work facilitator at Rythmia in Costa Rica.