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The Kyle Thiermann Show

Apr 19, 2021

Ben Kneppers is a Co-Founder of Bureo Inc., an emerging company operating between Chile and the California focused on creating innovative solutions to ocean plastic pollution. Through the team’s initiative, ‘Net Positiva’, Bureo has created Chile’s first ever fishnet collection & recycling program. Net Positiva...

Apr 10, 2021

Shane Heath (@SoManyPossibilities) is the founder of the coffee alternative company, Mud/Wtr.


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Apr 2, 2021

At twenty-six Mark Devine graduated as Honor Man (#1-ranked trainee) of SEAL BUD/S class number 170. Mark served for nine years total on active duty and eleven as a Reserve SEAL, retiring as Commander in 2011. His leadership of teams was so effective the government tasked him with creating a nationwide mentoring program...